Leaving Barbie

Her Malibu Barbie said to Dawn doll (circa 1973)
In the year 2000
My kids and I will fly by your house in the sky
In the hovercraft
And wave
On our way to visiting Daddy at work --
Bright for us all, this new future
And they both jumped up and down with glee
On feet, toes down, formed for stilettos

Today's Barbie
Is the hovercraft
Protecting her children from a series of predators,
Monitoring fiercely, looking left, then right
Then checking online their steps of progress
She keeps Teacher tethered closely on speed dial,
Dropping kids off warily to daycare
Then hastily driving herself to work

And for her after-five stop to the market
Hovercraft Barbie comes with accessories:
A miniature bag of plastic groceries,
A tiny maxed-out credit card,
A cell phone with real buttons
And a machine gun strapped to her back,
Ready for the evening battle

She pulls up to her Barbie house that is sinking in worth;
After sifting the mail for the child support check
She sighs through the kitchen
And turns to the T.V. to find T.M.Z.
Reporting who has the best and worst
Malibu Beach Bodies
Leaving Barbie to dream
Of a better dawn

Elise Brand