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Stephen Delia has been writing poetry for 29 years. His original inspiration was through music. He was inspired by The Beatles, in particular John Lennon. Bob Dylan and Donovan were also major influences.

He has read all over the Philadelphia area in various book stores, coffee houses, libraries, ETC. He has also been published but personally prefers performing his poetry. Obviously he likes alliteration!

But while he enjoys reading poems on the page he also likes the direct communication between poet and audience.

He averages 10 readings & workshops a month and spends the rest of his time writing and listening to music when he's not writing.

He loves the local poetry scene and marvels at the amount of talent that is out there. But it also frustrates him because poets and poetry do not receive the amount of attention deserved.

He still holds on to the hope that one day poets will be recognized on a greater scale for their contributions to art, entertainment and their courage to question the world in which they live.



At Chapel


The Snake

Winter Night On Second Street

  2019 - Robbin Farr
  2019 - Ryan Torres
  2018 - Larry Robin
  2018 - Joy E. Stocke
  2017 - Courtney Bambrick
  2017 - Paul Siegell
  2016 - Blythe Davenport
  2016 - Warren Longmire
  2015 - Lillian Dunn
  2015 - Rodger Lowenthal
  2014 - Hayden Saunier
  2014 - Roy Smith
  2013 - Helen Mirkil
  2013 - CA Conrad
  2012 - Tamara Oakman
  2012 - Gerad Schultz
  2011 - Laura Holloway
  2011 - Charles Mann
  2010 - Camille Norvaisas
  2004 - Nathalie Anderson
  2003 - Lynn Levin
  2003 - Aaren Perry
  2002 - Kerry Sherin
  2002 - Charles Munoz
  2001 - Nicole Greaves
  2001 - Robert Salup
  2000 - Denise A. Collins
  2000 - Patrick Kelly
  1999 - Cecily Kellogg
  1999 - Leonard Gontarek
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